Many rumors and speculations have been going around recently concerning Astronomer layoffs. So we have decided to put up this post to reveal what is really happening behind the scenes of Astronomer.

Layoffs, is undoubtedly the dread that no employee wants to face, and no company wants to declare. Yet in a year where so many in the tech sector are tightening their belts, Astronomer, a once high-flying data orchestration company, is back under the limelight for the same dreary reason.

For the second time in 2023, they’re making the difficult decision to let go of a significant portion of their workforce. But what’s really the reason behind Astronomer layoffs? How is this impacting their employees and image? Does it mean Astronomer is going out of business? Let’s take a dive into the subject.

Astronomer Lays off Employees for the Second Time in 2023

The tech universe experienced quite a shockwave when news broke out that Astronomer was laying off a significant number of its staff. But for those closely monitoring the industry’s pulse, this isn’t their first time in 2023 – and this makes it even more heart-breaking.

Earlier in January, the company set a somber tone by announcing that they were letting go of 76 of their valued team members, marking a substantial 20% reduction in their workforce.

Fast forward a few months, and here we are again, faced with an even larger round of layoffs. The latest announcement stated a reduction of about 100 employees. When you do the math, that’s a staggering 40% cut. So, in less than a year, Astronomer’s workforce shrank by a whopping 60%.

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Why is Astronomer Laying off Employees?

Astronomer Layoffs
Astronomer Layoffs

The million-dollar (or in this case, $200 million) question is why are they laying off employees? For such a steadily growing company, Astronomer layoffs would be the last thing its loyal followers would have expected. So, why is Astronomer cutting down its employee count? What triggered these back-to-back layoff events?

At a glance, it could be easy to point fingers at the broader economic slowdown, which, let’s be honest, has been casting shadows across various sectors. But digging a bit deeper, there’s more to Astronomer’s story.

The layoffs, in many ways, depict the challenges faced by rapidly growing startups. While growing at a really good speed could be really fascinating, it can sometimes make startups not properly align with the market’s rhythm.

As Joe Otto, the then CEO, candidly admitted, Astronomer’s hiring spree may have been too aggressive, too soon. “We hired too many too fast,” he remarked, capturing the essence of the company’s current predicament.

Astronomer Struggles Even After Recent Financial Breakthrough

One might wonder why such a company should be regretting hiring too many people even after a recent financial breakthrough. Yes, Astronomer actually fell for over-hiring for a reason.

With a successful Series C funding round that bagged a jaw-dropping $213 million, optimism was in the air at Astronomer. The plan? To amplify its team and aggressively scale operations. But as we now know, while their ambition soared, external factors and internal decisions brought them back to the ground.

Astronomer layoffs weren’t just numbers on paper; they translated to real people across various functions – engineering, product, sales, and marketing, to name a few.

However, a silver lining in this dark time for Astronomer is the company’s commitment to demonstrating that they value the contributions of those who are leaving. They provide severance packages and outplacement assistance, which is great move by Astronomer.

What Does Astronomer Do?

For those scratching their heads, wondering who or what Astronomer is, let’s break it down. Founded in 2015, Astronomer is in the business of managing the flow of data for companies. This means, if your company has data (which company doesn’t?), Astronomer helps streamline it for you.

They’ve hung their hat on the capabilities of Apache Airflow, an open-source platform, and, in essence, they help businesses understand the complex web of data they juggle daily.

What Are Some Unique Offerings of Astronomer?

Data Orchestration with Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow, an open-source platform, as we said earlier, is at the heart of Astronomer’s offerings. It allows users to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows. Astronomer leverages Airflow to streamline and manage data workflows for businesses.


One of the innovative features is the concept of “pipelines-as-code.” This system allows data engineers and scientists to build, run, and observe their data workflows using code. This enables better version control, collaboration, and scalability.

Increased Data Availability and Trust

Astronomer focuses on enhancing the availability of trusted data. By streamlining data workflows and reducing bottlenecks, it ensures that businesses can access the data they need when they need it.

Cost Reduction and Productivity Boost

One of Astronomer’s promises is to reduce costs and improve productivity for data teams. As the helps data team to optimize data flows and reduce manual interventions, it allows data professionals to focus on analytics and insights rather than troubleshooting data issues.

How Many Employees Does Astronomer Have?

Before the two recent rounds of layoffs, Astronomer is a bustling company of over 350 employees. But after the second round of Astronomer layoffs, the count now stands at 170. It’s almost like watching half the stars in a constellation just winking out.

Is Astronomer Facing Financial Challenges?

Now, this isn’t a story of a broke startup struggling to make ends meet. Astronomer had secured funding north of $200 million and ranks high on Cincinnati’s list of well-funded startups, with total funds crossing the $282 million mark. But here’s the twist – despite the pile of cash, profitability is yet to a certain declaration for the company.

So, we cannot say the reason for Astronomer layoffs is because of financial struggles. No, the company is not facing any financial challenges presently. From all financial standpoints, Astronomer is doing well.

Who Is the CEO of Astronomer?

Joe Otto, the name we’ve mentioned a couple of times already, was the CEO. But he recently stepped down, moving to a board of directors role. While Joe’s message to the employees reflected the weight of the decision, it’s evident that the leadership changes were also part of their strategy to weather the current storm.

Is Astronomer Going Out of Business?

Well, when many people heard about the series of Astronomer layoffs, one of the things that came to their minds is if the company is going out of business. But on the contrary, we don’t think that is the case.

There’s no indication whatsoever that Astronomer is going out of business. Yes, the company has faced challenges and had to lay off a significant number of employees. But that is not uncommon for startups; even well-funded ones can undergo restructuring or downsizing in response to external economic conditions or internal growth challenges.

Astronomer’s layoffs are part of a broader restructuring effort. The goal, as stated by the company, is to “simplify operations in order to continue to grow on a path to profitability.” This implies that the company is making strategic decisions to ensure long-term sustainability.


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