The Cigna Group is one of the leading players in the healthcare sector. With the mission of building a better future and a strong community together, Cigna has been serving the industry for many years. Today, this company is providing health insurance and many other health-related services to millions of people all across the world. 

But Cigna also announced many layoffs. These layoffs had a significant impact on the industry and also on employees. Moreover, these layoffs have also made people curious about the company’s operations and the future. So, we are here to answer all your questions!

In this article, we will discuss Cigna layoffs in detail. We will have a closer look at the past layoffs and future strategy. So, stay with us and keep reading!

About The Cigna Group

Cigna Group
Cigna Group

The Cigna Group is a well-known player in the healthcare sector. This company started back in 1982 with the aim of providing reliable health insurance and all related services. Cigna started as a single office, but it expanded soon. Today, it has more than 170 million customers worldwide and around 74,000 experienced employees. 

The major services provided by The Cigna Group are health insurance services. They provide tailored insurance services and also make personalized health plans. Whether you need a dental plan, traditional insurance, or other healthcare-related services, Cigna is the most popular and trustworthy choice. 

Moreover, Cigna not only deals with health insurance services, but In fact, they also provide many other services such as programs to help people manage stress and anxiety and quit bad habits such as smoking. So, Cigna is a versatile business that covers many services. With the variety of services, they also focus on quality and reliability. 

People really trust their services; this is why, today, they are serving millions of people worldwide. Their market reputation is really good, and they serve 30 different countries. Their mission is to make healthcare services available for everyone and improve facilities for people from every walk of life. 

Did Cigna Announce Layoffs?

Yes, The Cigna Group announced many layoffs in the past years. The company made many layoffs as part of its plan to restructure the business and improve its services. Businesses often face challenges, and these challenges result in many hard decisions, such as layoffs. Let’s have a detailed look into Cigna layoffs: 

Cigna Layoffs 2009

The global financial crisis of 2008 affected many businesses, and Cigna was one of them. As a result of these financial crises, Cigna decided to reduce its workforce in 2009. So, they announced the layoff of around 1,100 employees.

These layoffs impacted 4% of the total workforce. This was indeed a significant layoff that affected many employees. However, they were also important to keep the company in business and improve its financial performance. 

Cigna Layoffs 2020

The year 2020 proved to be a challenging one for many businesses, including Cigna. The Covid-19 pandemic was one of the biggest challenges of this year. This year the company’s profit was more than double. However, they decided to work on a $50 million restructuring plan. Under this plan, they decided to reduce the company’s workforce by 4%. 

Thus, this layoff affected around 1,300 workers. This was one of the significant layoffs in the healthcare sector. These layoffs really impacted the employees both emotionally and financially.

Employees faced many troubles finding new jobs and supporting their families through the tough times of the pandemic. However, it was also a tough decision for Cigna, but it was important to achieve its long-term success. 

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Why Did Cigna Make Layoffs?

Cigna announced many layoffs to improve their services and boost their financial performance. The company faced some challenges, such as financial crises. So, they decided to restructure their business by making some layoffs. These layoffs were aimed at reducing the workforce to cut costs. This helped the company invest and use its money in the right direction.

Moreover, their restructuring plan was all about flourishing the business. The company was focused on long-term goals. So, they decided to announce layoffs to achieve their long-term business goals. Although these layoffs were hard for Cigna, they were significant at the same time in saving and expanding the company. 

Will Cigna Announce More Layoffs in 2024?

As many businesses are making layoffs this year, this has made people worried about Cigna. But, as per the latest updates, this healthcare company has no plans to announce more layoffs in 2024. The company does not have any official statement regarding more layoffs. So, hopefully, you won’t see more layoffs at Cigna.

But, it is also important to keep in mind that companies often face challenges and make tough decisions. So, cards can also turn anytime for Cigna. Only time will reveal whether the company will make more layoffs or not. To stay informed, you can visit their official website. 

Does Cigna Layoffs Suggest Business Closure?

No, the layoffs of The Cigna Group do not suggest business closure. Although the company faced many financial and layoff challenges, it is not leaving the business. The company still provides reliable and trustworthy health insurance and related services. So, you must not worried about their future.

In fact, Cigna is working hard to overcome the challenges. They are working on many innovative plans to improve their services and to expand their range. Also, the Cigna layoffs were part of their business plan to reduce costs and boost their financial performance. 

Wrapping Up: Cigna Layoffs

In conclusion, The Cigna Group is one of the healthcare companies that has been serving the industry since 1982. This company specializes in providing health insurance and health plans. Moreover, they also provide other services, such as programs to help people cope with stress, anxiety, and harmful habits such as smoking. 

However, Cigna faced some challenges and decided to restructure its business. Thus, they announced many layoffs. They laid off 1,100 employees in 2009 and 1,300 employees in 2020.

These layoffs impacted many employees. But, as per the latest updates, Cigna has no plans to make more layoffs. To get the most updated and precise information on Cigna layoffs and other business-related matters, you can visit their website and can also check their social media accounts. 


  • Will Cigna Announce Layoffs in the Future?

As of now, there are no official announcements regarding Cigna layoffs in the future. The company has no plans to lay off more people in the future. 

  • How Many Employees Work at Cigna in the US?

As of the year 2022, Cigna had around 71.3 thousand employees in the United States. 

  • Is Cigna Going Out of Business?

No, Cigna is not going out of business. This leading health service organization is still in business and operating well. 


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