Guild Education is a big company with a big goal of helping American adults get opportunities to learn with employment. With the aim of helping adults grow in their careers, Guild Education has been serving for many years. However, recently the company announced some layoffs. These layoffs have become a mystery for people. People are wondering about Guild Education layoffs and want to know the reasons and impact. 

So, we are here to help you! In this article, we have a detailed look at Guild Education Layoffs. From their history and layoff to the future, we will uncover every point. So, hang around us and keep reading!

A Quick Overview of Guild Education: History and Mission

Guild Education is a prestigious company with a high goal of making education accessible for people who work for a living. The noble journey of Guild Education started back in 2015. They came into the industry with the mission of providing opportunities and jobs. 

The mission of the Guild Education is to connect education and employment. Many people can’t get an education because of their employment. So, to help them, Guild Education provides them with many important opportunities to get an education. 

As many adults in America are not able to complete their studies for earning and employment. Guild Education understands the need for education for adults. Without enough education, adults cannot grow in their careers and jobs. So, Guild Education decided to become their helping hand. 

How Guild Education Works? Guild Education basically works by having partnerships with many big companies, such as Walmart. Together Guild Education and companies create many opportunities for employees to learn and to improve their skills. This not only benefits the employees, but companies also get benefits as their employees grow the company grows. 

Did Guild Education Announce Layoffs?

Yes, Guild Education announced many layoffs. Because of many reasons, they had to make some difficult decisions, and employee layoff is one of them. They announced the layoff of 172 employees. This makes a total of 12% of their total force.

They had around 14,00 total employees. But to reach their future goals and to expand and grow their operations, they announced layoffs. A total of 172 employees were affected by these layoffs. This was a big number, and the decision was really hard for the company. However, it was important at the same time to reach their three-year plan and ten-year goals. 

So, they decided to reduce their workforce and focus more on other important tasks. This decision was also really difficult for the employees. They faced many challenges later such as emotional stress and problems in securing new jobs.

However, Guild Education being a prestigious and noble company, provided many benefits to laid-off employees. The company tried its best to compensate and support its employees as much as it could. 

Will There be More Guild Education Layoffs in 2024?

Guild Education Layoffs
Guild Education Layoffs

As per the latest updates, Guild Education has no plans to announce more layoffs in the future. Recently they made 172 layoffs as a part of their strategy to meet their long-term goals. However, they have no plans to go for more layoffs in the future. So, the good news is that Guild Education is not making any layoffs in 2024 or upcoming years. 

In fact, they are working on many exciting plans to cater to more youngsters and to grow their reach and business. However, the future is uncertain. There could be ups and downs, which may result in some tough decisions.

So, the only time will reveal the next move and the future of Guild Education. However, to stay updated on all their business updates and layoff news, you should frequently visit their official website or social media. 

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Special Perks for Guild Education Laid-off Employees

Guild Education is a reputable company with high standards. They have a really good market reputation, and people really trust them. As they announced layoffs, their employees felt really sad and worried about their jobs and future. But, the company did not leave them alone. 

Guild Education gave many perks to the laid-off employees to help them and to support them. They provided three months’ salary to the employees. This was to help them and to provide them with some financial security as they would be finding new opportunities. Layoffs always result in financial insecurities and emotional stress. So, Guild Education decided to give salaries to their laid-off employees to help them. 

Moreover, Guild Education also assisted with tuition fees for their laid-off employees. All this was done to make their laid-off employees feel better and to support them in any possible way. 

Guild Education Layoffs: Final Words!

In conclusion, lately, Guild Education Layoffs have been the most common topic among people. The company with high missions and noble goals laid off several employees, and this made people curious.

The company laid off around 172 employees. This makes up 12% of their total workforce. This was a big number. However, it was the strategic plan of Guild Education to meet their business goals. The company fired its employees to work on more innovative ideas and to expand its business reach. 

However, the company really supported its employees in all the possible ways. They granted three months’ salaries and many other perks to the employees. But, the good news is there will be no more Guild Education layoffs in 2024 or upcoming years. In fact, there will be more fascinating plans and innovative ideas that you will soon see. 


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