If you are someone who belongs to the digital world, you must have heard the big name Yext. Yext is a powerful company that helps businesses manage their online presence.

This company provides tailored services to big brands and helps them hold and secure a good position on many online platforms. Yext has been serving the online industry for quite a long time. Lately, they have announced some layoffs. These sudden layoffs have made people really curious. 

So, in this article, we will have a detailed look at Yext layoffs and its future strategies and plans. Thus, stay with us and read on to uncover the facts!

Everything You Need To Know About Yext

Yext Layoffs
Yext Layoffs

Before discussing Yext layoffs, let’s have a quick look into some important details about this company. Yext is one of the most popular companies in the digital world. This company has been in the business since 2006. Howard Lerman, Brian Distelburger, and Brent Metz founded it. 

With the goal of helping businesses improve their online presence, Yext provides tailored services. This company not only helps businesses with their online platforms but also helps them manage and organize their data for accessibility. 

Yext has a unique platform through which it manages many operations. It aids brands to boost their SEO with special strategies and also helps with listings management. Thus, Yext helps businesses rank higher in search results and allows them to attract a wider audience. This really helps businesses enhance their growth and overall profit and revenue. 

Yext Layoffs 2023

The year 2023 was the year of layoffs for Yext. During this year, the company made many layoffs, which impacted a number of employees. In 2023, Yext announced a significant layoff of around 8% of their workforce. Before this layoff, Yext had 1,400 employees. However, after layoffs, they left with a workforce of approximately 1,100 employees. In this way, the Yext layoff affected around 300 employees. 

These employees lost their jobs and faced many challenges in finding new jobs and better opportunities. Although these layoffs were also difficult for Yext, it was vital for them, too. The company announced these layoffs to restructure its business and overcome the challenges. However, this reduction in staff will not impact the services and reliability of Yext. 

Is Yext Making Layoffs in 2024? 

Here comes the most important question, “Is Yext making layoffs in 2024?” The online industry is already seeing many layoffs in 2024. So, this has also made people worried about Yext. But the good news is that as per the latest updates, Yext is not making layoffs in 2024. 

The company has not yet given any official statement or has not announced any layoffs for this year. So, this might not be the years of layoff for Yext. But, the business landscape can change rapidly. So, it is important to keep a close eye on this changing landscape.

Thus, you must stay informed of Yext’s business to know any future layoffs and other details. 

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Why Did Yext Make Layoffs?

Yext made layoffs as a part of their plan to overcome the business challenges by restructuring the business. Their aim was to restructure the business and reduce the cost. So, they decided to reduce their staff. This way, they can save money and invest it in the right direction to ensure their operations. 

The company is focused on its long-term goals and success. So, they are taking action and making plans to achieve their goals. For this, they restructured their business and reduced their staff. However, they have no plans to announce more layoffs in the future. 

Is Yext Going Out of Business?

It is true that Yext has made some significant layoffs in recent years. But it really does not mean that they are closing down. So, the good news is that Yext is not going out of business. Surviving in this digital world is not easy for companies. Businesses often face challenges and end up closing down or making tough decisions to stay in business. Yext also faced some business challenges, which resulted in the difficult decision of layoffs. 

However, the company somehow managed to stay in the business. Despite many challenges, Yext is in business today. In fact, they are trying to improve their performance and overcome all the challenges.

Moreover, Yext layoffs were also part of their business strategy to reduce costs and invest appropriately. So, whether you are a small business owner or operate a big online business, you can still opt for Yext services to grow and enhance your online presence. 

Bottom Line: Yext Layoffs

In conclusion, Yext is a renowned company that helps businesses achieve their online goals. This company improves the online presence of businesses and helps them attract more customers. But, in 2023, Yext announced some layoffs.

They reduced 8% of their total staff. This layoff was their strategic plan to overcome challenges and improve their services. However, Yext has not yet any plans to announce more layoffs. But you can visit their website and social media accounts to stay informed of business changes. 


  • Did Yext Announce Layoffs in 2023?

Yes, Yext announced an approximately 8% reduction in its workforce in 2023. This layoff impacted around 300 employees. 

  • Is Yext Closing Down?

No, Yext is not closing down. Although the company implemented many layoffs, it is not shutting down. Yext is still in the business and performing well. 

  • Why Did Yext Decide to Implement Layoffs?

Yext decided to implement the layoffs to improve their business. The primary goal behind layoffs was to restructure the business and reduce the costs. This strategic plan was important to ensure Yext’s long-term success. 

  • How Many Employees Did Yext Have Before Layoffs?

Before the 2023 layoffs, Yext had around 1,400 employees. However, this number has changed as the company has implemented some layoffs. 

  • What is the Size of the Yext Workforce After Layoffs?

After layoffs and business restructuring, the estimated size of the Yext workforce is around 1,100 employees. 


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